The Best Bread Pan You Don’t Know About

Want to know the exact tools, books and flours I use in my kitchen?  I have a resource page just for that! Some tools are spendy, like my mixer, but most are every day items and flours you can get at your local grocery store.

In most cases baking your own bread will save you money, so you might have a few extra dollars to throw towards your kitchen arsenal.  If I had to recommend only one item for your kitchen it would be the USA Pans.  Once you have a great, versatile bread pan, you begin to realize what you’ve been missing all these years.  Not only can you bake a great yeasted or quick bread in it, you can use it for a small batch of rolls like I did in my super fluffy dinner rolls video.  So why are the USA Pans so amazing?

First, nothing sticks to them.  I loaded mine up with some pretty sticky stuff.  No knead breads, breads with honey and sugar oozing out of them and my bread slides out like butter every time. Because nothing sticks to them, you never need to grease them.  Skipping extra fat is great for a few reasons.  It saves you a step, thus saving you time.  It makes dishes easier.  Additionally, unabsorbed grease can create holes in your bread.

Second, you are not supposed to wash the USA Pans.  This may be my favorite feature of all.  I avoid dishes like the plague.  My smile got a little wider when I saw that, in order to keep the special coating intact on the pans, you are just supposed to rinse them and wipe them dry.  Ahh, my heart is a-flutter!

Finally, you can give yourself a pat on the back if you buy some of these pans.  As the name suggests, these pans are made right here in the Land of the Free!  It’s a sweet bonus that the best pan on earth is also made in our backyard, so a dollar to them supports our nation’s economy.


These are the ones I currently own:

Hotdog Bun Pan– great for hot dogs, of course, and as buns for other sandwiches.

Mini Loaf Pan– I use this to test bake a lot of my breads and for mini loafs to give away as presents.  Cooking 4 at one time is a huge bonus at Christmas time! Each loaf is about half a regular loaf.  So if your recipe makes one loaf it would make two of the mini guys.  This is also great if you don’t go through bread fast enough at your house.  Keep one in the fridge and one is the freezer for next week.

Plain Jane Loaf Pan–  This is my go to pan that you see featured in most of my recipes.

I am going to be asking/registering for a few more at my wedding this August.  I would like to get my hands on the muffin tin.  Mine is old and everything sticks to it!!  Can’t wait to upgrade!


Now you know – the USA Pans are my kitchen soul mates!


Thanks for reading!  If you enjoyed my USA Pan Reviews, and know someone who could benefit from it, or step by step videos on baking with whole grains, please share this with them today!


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  1. says

    I think I’m going to have to look into these. I bake all my own breads, so it makes sense to get the best. Thanks for letting us know about them.

  2. Theresa says

    I also love my USA pans!! I love the inert silicone coating (much safer than teflon), and I love that they are made in the USA from recycled steel. Win-win-win!

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